Sleep Culprits- What to do about them?

When it comes to sleeping-children are easy targets for sleep culprits! I don’t think parents realize how children pick up on the little things in life. Stop and think about some triggers that cause distress in your child’s life.  Are there parental stresses, separations, upsetting events, major life changes, and a lack of sleep?  There are also common triggers for excitement that can cause sleep disruptions too.  Over stimulation, over scheduling, anticipation, growth spurts, or competition and pressure to perform are events that can cause tension that does not allow restorative sleep.  I think we all strive to lead a balanced life, but are we really?

In today’s world it’s really, really hard to even pretend like we might be leading  a balanced life.  We are over scheduled, over worked, and we put too much pressure on ourselves to do it all. 

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned as a mom is to keep it simple.  Go with the flow and follow my children’s lead.  If I push too hard, they will push back even harder.  So I have to stop and think- what do my kids need right now? 

It’s a lot of love, patience, guidance, opportunities to learn and grow from their mistakes, and just PLAY!  It can make some of the sleep culprits disappear!