Get ready to FALL back!

Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday!
As adults we love this time of year: the leaves change color, the chill in the air, and the extra  hour of some zzz’s!   But for our children, it’s a little more work to reset their internal clock.  There are two ways to help your child make it through the change and get their sleep!
Start TONIGHT if you plan to make a gradual change in your child’s routine. This is helpful for children who have a more alert temperament, children who may be more sensitive to being overtired, or who tend to wake up early. Bedtime should be 15 minutes later than usual tonight, 30 minutes later tomorrow night, 45 minutes later on Friday night, and an hour later on Saturday night. You need to move the wake up time 15 minutes later each morning too. Try to expose your child to as much sunlight as possible in the few days following the change.
Enjoy your extra hour of zzz’s!