Sleep Solutions for your child

Are you struggling with sleep for your child?  Does your child wake frequently during the night?   Does your child wake earlier than 6am?   Does your child need you to help them go to sleep?  Are you feeling sleep deprived?  

The Sleep Smarts, Sleep Success workshop could be the gentle sleep solution for you!

In each workshop, you’ll learn how to use techniques to instill positive, healthy behaviors that will continue to build the relationship of trust and security.   The Sleep Smarts, Sleep Success will help parents learn:
  • Common sleep mistakes we make as parents, and how to get “sleep smart.”
  • Learn strategies that are based on a loving, positive,  and gentle approaches to parenting our young ones
  • The importance of getting the right amount of the right kind of sleep at the right time
  • Methods – The How To’s- for your child’s age
  • Specific language to effectively solve discipline issues during the day and night
  • How to defuse potentially difficult situations such as tantrums and power struggles throughout your day
  • How to get your child to go to sleep, stay asleep, and make it a great day everyday!
  • Access to handouts and resources in the Loving Lessons Parent Resource Community

Sleep Smarts, Sleep Success:

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Parents will learn about expected behaviors by age and a wide range of ways to solve common issues. Fewer battles, better listening, restful sleep, more peace!

Learn how to get sleep in place from the comfort of your home.  Can’t make it to the scheduled time of the workshop?  No problem- once you are registered for the designated workshop you will receive a recording and access to all the materials shared in the session.  These sessions do not include a personalized sleep plan- but will provide you with the tools to create your own sleep plan.