Building Trust and Security with our Children

“I feel like I’m damaging my child.” 
“I feel like my child is mad at me.”
“My child feels like I am abandoning him/her.”
 “My child is sad.  I am sad.”
“My child wants to be with me all of the time and I just need a break.”
These are statements I hear from parents who love their child more than anything, but are frustrated and are at their wits end right now when it comes to parenting.  Are they wrong for feeling this?  Most definitely not!  We are all entitled to have feelings and express our emotions.  When we suppress these feelings and emotions, it can cause us to have a negative attitude toward our child or disconnect from our child.  That is what you don’t want to do. 
The most supportive and loving parents reach out for support and look to add to their parenting toolbox to help them through this journey of parenting. 
Listening to the families I support I created The Loving Connections, Secure Attachments seminar.  At different ages and stages our children have different needs so there are two sessions: The First SixYears or Elementary and Beyond.
In each seminar, you’ll learn how to use techniques to instill positive, healthy behaviors that will continue to build the relationship of trust and security.   The Loving Connections, Secure Attachments will help parents learn and answer your questions about:
  • The number one secret to good sleep and easy parenting
  • Build trust and security- no programs or extra stuff
  • How to become intentional and have quality interactions with your child every day
  • How to start ongoing conversations with your child
  • What can I do or say so my child will always talk to me and come to me when they have a problem?
  • How to build in “quality time ins” without adding to your day
  • Strategies and tips you can implement immediately
  • How to defuse potentially difficult situations such as tantrums and power struggles throughout your day
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Parents will learn about expected behaviors by age and a wide range of ways to solve common issues. Fewer battles, better listening, restful sleep, more peace!   Discover the secret ingredient for a lifelong connection with your child to enjoy the parenting journey!
Learn how to build these Loving Connections, Secure Attachments from the comfort of your home.  Can’t make it to the scheduled time of the seminar?  No problem- once you are registered for the designated seminar you will receive a recording and access to all the materials shared in the session.