Plum District Sleep Deal

How else can I use my Plum District Voucher?

I’ve had many inquiries about the Plum District Vouchers.  The $80 can be applied to your choice of personal or group coaching services from Loving Lessons Pediatric Sleep Consulting.  A secure payment via PayPal can be made for the remaining balance.   

Because I believe sleep is so important for your family, I’ve created options to meet all budgets to make sure sleep is in place to help bring peace in parenting and academic success for children 6 and younger. 

  • Personal Coaching services are for families that would like one-on-one services that are done in your home or via Skype for those outside the Raleigh area.   Personal consultations include a review of your sleep history and a personalized sleep plan.  The most popular package is the Sleep Consultation and 8 Follow Ups for $250.
  • Gentle Sleep Success Webinar Group Coaching is an option to be a part of a small group of 8 families in the comfort of your home on a 2 part webinar call that will be recorded.  The group coaching sessions will include a review of your sleep history, and a personalized sleep plan.  The Gentle Sleep Success Workshop includes 2 phone follow ups for $125.
  • Sleep Smarts, Sleep Success Webinars are ideal for a do it yourself family that needs to learn about the “How To’s” to gentle sleep coaching methods and creating a sleep plan.  The Sleep Smarts, Sleep Success webinars are available for $40.  This seminar will cover specific age groups and sleep related concerns.  However families that wish to have their sleep plan reviewed along with a follow up call may add on Webinar Client support which will include a sleep plan review and a follow up phone call for $40.  
Click here to see upcoming group webinar schedule.

What do I get with my Plum District Deal?

Doing the consultation using the Plum District voucher as is gives you the 1.5 hour Sleep Smarts, Sleep Success webinar session for $40, and then also offers the webinar group coaching clients a personal sleep review of the plan you create along with a follow up for the remaining $40.    This totals the $80.  In the group coaching session you learn the ins and outs of creating a sleep plan, and then I will review it and give you feedback, and then we would do a 15 min follow up to and answer your specific sleep questions.
 If after this point you would feel you would need additional support in following through with the plan, asking questions and understanding it better, you would be able to purchase just a follow up package.  Of course for the follow up package you could use a second voucher and pay the difference. 

Where to I go to attend the webinar?
You can be a part of the webinar from the comfort of your home.   If you are not able to make it to the scheduled webinar date or time, no worries, I will send you a link of the recorded session.  July and Ealry August are currently posted.

I’m a current or past client can I use the voucher?

Yes current or past clients are welcome to purchase  vouchers and I will apply it to the client discount rates.  Learn more by visiting the Loving Lessons Parenting Community Resources at Resource tab.

How do the personal coaching sessions work?

Personal Family Consultations are available in your home if you are located in the Raleigh Area.  If you are outside the local Raleigh area, then we can do a Skype or Teleconference in the comfort of your home.   Personal 1.5-2 hour consultations are scheduled in the evenings and weekends upon a first come first serve basis.  

My baby is 6 months or younger, can I still use a voucher to sleep train?
I do not recommend  families to sleep train their baby when they are younger than 6 months of age.  At this stage, I am happy to support families in “sleep shaping” your baby which is creating the foundation of good sleep by creating healthy habits right from the start.  Sleep shaping involves following your babies cues, creating gentle routines, learning, observing, and understanding your baby. 

If you have further questions, please call me directly at 919-414-2978 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            919-414-2978      end_of_the_skype_highlighting and I am happy to answer your questions and concerns.