I need sleep NOW! Here’s how…

It’s because of your precious little ones that I love doing what I do!  It is an absolute joy to transform a family from sleepless nights to sleep-filled nights of sweet dreams, where parenting becomes more joyful again.  

Because it’s my passion to help ensure your little ones get the sleep they need to grow, develop and be the best they can be, I’ve created a dynamic Gentle Sleep Success On-line Workshop to help support tired families.  
Together, we’ll partner to create the best possible sleep plan for your family.  I’ll teach you step-by-step strategies for positive-parenting solutions.  You’ll be able to add these to your “parenting toolbox” and use these strategies during your entire parenting journey.  You’ll be able to parent from a place of love….and not from a place of fear or frustration.  So not only will we bring “sleep-filled nights” into your home, but you’ll be able to become the parent you truly desire to be.
This workshop is limited to 10 tired families!  It includes:
Part 1:         Getting Started and Preparing for your Consultation
Part 2:         Consultation Workshop: 1-hour live webinar
Part 3:         Creating Your Personalized Sleep Plan (with coaching video modules) 
Part 4:         Three 20-minute phone call follow-ups to review your sleep logs, answer questions about your personal sleep plan, and help support you while you’re implementing your sleep plan.
Part 5:         Consultation Wrap-Up and Question and Answer Session: 1-hour live webinar
Part 6:         Loving Lessons Sleeping and Parenting Community Facebook Private Group (for continued support and advice)
***If you are not able to attend the live webinars,
you’ll have access to the live recordings to watch at your convenience.  
You are not alone in this sleepless journey!  Join others struggling with similar issues.  Together, these 10 families will feel empowered to learn, implement and keep these good sleep habits in place! 
The investment for this workshop is only $147.  But when you act now and register before September 19th, you can get sleep back into your home for only $75! Use the discount code SL50PEE.