Things to do in Raleigh- Triangle Family Expo

Things to do in Raleigh this weekend– The Triangle Family Expo

Raleigh has something going on all of the time! It’s a great place to find something family friendly and get the family connected.

Trianlge Family Expo

The Triangle Family Expo is great for families to come and play and learn about some great things available here in Raleigh area.   You’ll have a chance to meet the princesses, have story times, get your face painted, and learn about things related to your parenting journey.   Get the full schedule here.

Vend Raleigh is sponsoring some great information sessions on Friday night!

At 6pm Alison Carter from Mom in Chapel Hill will be sharing about letterboxing and geocaching. I’m super excited to learn about both of these adventures to do outside with my kids.

5 things that kept your child from sleeping

At 7pm I will be doing a talk about the 5 things that kept your child from sleeping last night for children ages 6 and younger.    You’ll walk away with sleep information that you can begin to implement immediately to turn sleep around in your home.

I know good sleep is possible for all children and I believe children can learn what we teach them.   The risks of not having good quality and quantity of sleep are too large to take for your family.  A lack of sleep and sleep deprivation has been shown to:

Sleep for children

Sleep is free and so is the information that I’m excited to share with you so that you can continue being the best parent that I know you are and be well rested so your family can have healthy sleep habits which will last a lifetime!   And to get even more free sleep tips and parenting inspirations, follow me on Facebook or Twitter!

Can’t wait to see you at the Triangle Family Expo!