Sleep books, sleep posts, sleep videos- oh my! I just want to SLEEP!

If you are parent, chances are you saw the latest Huffington Post on “I read all the sleep baby books” by Ava Neyer.   She’s poses some valid points  from a tired and frustrated moms point of view, a true, real life feeling that SO many tired parents can relate to in this piece.  One of my clients shared this video that sums up why first time moms go crazy.  It looks like the article and video go hand in hand.

The challenge is we live in a quick fix- give me a solution right now, and make it work kind of society.   There is a lot to know and understand about sleep.  It can take some time to get in place especially if you don’t want to leave your baby to cry it out.  It’s all part of the learning process.

Yes there are so many books, videos, and resources out there on parenting.  And if you Google anything, you will find a plethora of “do’s” and “don’ts” as well.  It’s important to take note that “Dr. Google” does not have children and EVERYTHING in parenting is controversial.

If the books are not working- then learn how to GET SLEEP NOW!

So where or what is a parent to do in this day and age when information can found online at the touch of our fingertips?

Pick a book or a program and stick with it.

If you have read a book and you feel like it gels with your parenting style, stick to it.  Go back, reread it, and be consistent.  If you are consistent with any program or book- it will work.   Consistency is key to your sleep success… not to mention the entire parenting journey!

 Follow your gut.

If it’s working for you, then don’t worry about it.  So many parents have guilt about co sleeping, having the family bed, nursing to sleep, rocking to sleep, doing cry it out or whatever.  If you like it and it works for your family, then don’t change it.  But don’t complain about it either (wink).   Be sure to follow safe guidelines if you choose to have the family bed and co sleep.  You don’t have to feel guilty about your choices.   Let it go and be happy with your decision for your family!

Reach out for in person support.

In this day and age you can find anything online or you can read a book, however sometimes we just need that old fashion one- on- one support.  You might need someone who can really sit down with you and explore your entire situation.

There are sleep consultants, lactation consultants, baby planners, and post partum doulas just to name a few of the specialists that might be able to guide you in the right direction.

And I know what you are thinking, but can I afford it?

Well, can you really afford to be going through your days and nights lacking sleep?  How effective and loving do you feel as a parent?  I’m pretty sure that getting sleep in your home is not a luxury, but a true need for everyone’s’ well being.  It was an interesting clip in regards to doula services, “In the book of Suze Orman, this is a NEED, not a want.

Now- if you are just beyond exhausted and you feel like you have tried everything.   Then you really may need to consider some professional sleep support.   I’m part of an amazing group of Gentle Sleep Coaches that was founded by Kim West, The Sleep Lady, and you can check out the 5 reasons why a sleep coach is better than any book.  We are here to serve you and help make those sleep dreams come true wherever you are in the world! 

Of course you’re wondering, but will it really work?

It just really depends on you being honest with yourself and how much support you might need.  Sometimes when we are in the sleep deprived vicious cycle, we are too close to what is happening to be objective.  That is what my personal struggle was when I was sleep deprived for over 3.5 years.

Here’s what you can ask yourself if you really need sleep support:

  • Can you be held accountable for making changes?
  • Can you remove yourself from the situation?
  • Can you figure out the small details that are holding you back from a great night of sleep?
  • Do you have enough information to understand your child developmentally and what sleep looks like during this age and stage?
  • How much support do you need to create a plan and then follow thru with the plan consistently?

I’m passionate about creating sleep dreams with parents because I’m committed to families sleeping well so they have a lifetime of healthy sleep habits.   I couldn’t do the work that I do if it didn’t work.   Families that desire change make the change with gentle sleep solutions.  It’s all about what your ultimate goal is in your situation.  That’s how I help create sleep magic!

Bottom line: Create a plan and stick to it!   If you do that- It will work and you will get sleep!   To be tired is a choice.   Do you choose to be tired or well rested?

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  1. Tom B says:

    Some great advice to help help New Parents get a good night sleep and have a well rested child.

    Ps Thanks for sharing the video , it is hilarious. Did you know there is a whole series

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