Daylight saving- Fall back this season with success!


November3rd (1)

It’s that time of year again- Daylight Saving Time-adults love it- but it can be hard on children.   On November 3, 2013 we will fall back and get an extra hour in the day.

The one thing that makes it challenging is that we are adjusting our circadian rhythm by more than 30 minutes which can throw us off for 5-7 days, while some children might need 2-3 weeks to adjust.   Children tend to be pretty regimented and have their internal clock set.  You may have found that no matter what time you put your  child to bed, they  still wake up at the same time in the morning.  So the time change can be a little tricky for children 4 months of age until about age 2.   You’ll want to take your child’s temperament into consideration  as you guide your little sleeper  back on track to his or her consistent bedtimes and wake times.

I created this video to help make  falling back this season a smooth and successful transition for your family.

The interesting thing as adults is that we have to make a choice on Saturday night.   What will you do with that extra hour in the day?   Will you get an extra hour of sleep or will you stay up to work, watch TV, read, or do whatever it is you do every night?