Introducing Gentle Sleep Phone Sessions

You’ve asked, and I’ve listened!  
 I’m offering a new service for tired parents out there!  I will now be offering a 50 minute Gentle Sleep Phone Session. During our session, general sleep education and advice is offered about your particular situation.    This is the ideal sleep solution for families that have sleep related questions or would like expert advice to understand and reinforce what you have already learned or are struggling in a particular area.
If it is determined from our discussion that a full sleep program is necessary to meet your sleep goals to resolve your concerns, the payment of this service may be applied to the cost of the Gentle Sleep Programs, if you choose!
Some of you who have been following me know that I’m going on an exciting journey this spring on a mission trip to Belize!   You can read more about it here.  I’ll be doing a fundraiser this week to Get Sleep for Hope for Belize to wrap up the costs for this ministry! 
Yes, 100% of this donation will be directly applied toward my mission work!   I’m not only excited for this journey, but I’m excited for you to start getting good sleep in your home to help you and your family be well!
To kick things off- this week only – Gentle Sleep Phone Sessions
Get Sleep for Hope for Belize Fundraiser!