Getting sleep with kids during a power outage



Welcome to winter in North Carolina! You might be experiencing the snowpocalypse or snowmageddon of 2014. 

Chances are that wherever you may be there’s snow or ice, and you might be getting ready to experience some power outages this evening, that started last night.

Just like life, ice happens, which may cause the power to go out.   The trouble with no electricity is obviously you are trying to create that great sleep environment with the sound machine, a nice dark room, and a sleeping child.  You may end up only having the nice dark room. 

Here are some things to think about as you prepare for sleep when the power is out:

  • Life happens, make the most of it!  Think of the memories you are making with your child.
  • Keep calm.  If you are nervous and anxious, chances are your little one will be too.   I know easier said than done.  I always remind myself that these things happen and this too shall pass.
  • If someone has heat and a generator, go over and make the most of a camping night together with some great fellowship.
  • In general, the ideal room temperature to sleep in is 68-72 degrees.   After our power went out last night, our home dipped to 57 degrees.   Keeping warm and safe is your first priority.  Move everyone to one or two rooms and focus on insulating those rooms best.
  • Put a heavy blanket over any windows.
  • Use throw rugs or towels under the door to help trap the heat in that room.
  • Some families may be camping out in one area of the house, so you might be snuggling up with your little ones.  Enjoy!  We are having a big snuggle fest too!
  • If snuggling up with your baby or toddler means party all night long with no sleep, you may consider layering your baby in multiple long sleeve onesie, footed jammies with socks underneath to keep their feet warm, and then include the next size up footed jammies over that.   And throw some socks over their hands too.
  • Be sure to put a hat on so you don’t lose that body heat.
  • Add another layer like a sleep sack or even a coat if needed.  It may end up feeling or looking like the magic sleep suit or the Pillsbury doughboy, but at least your little one will be warm.   Don’t’ forget to snap a picture to capture the memory!
  • Check to see if your baby is staying warm NOT by checking their hands and feet, but by the back of their neck.  That will help you determine if additional layers are needed.
  • Bring the pack and play to your sleep space if your little one is having a hard time winding down in your bed or camping out space, or camp out in the baby’ room with the crib.
  • Keep bedtime routine as consistent as possible.   Make it work, no stress!
  • Shush loudly if needed to help your little one sleep if they are missing the sound machine.  Your little ones might surprise you and be just fine.

What ideas or suggestions do you have to help stay warm and #getsleep during a power outage?


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2 thoughts on “Getting sleep with kids during a power outage

  1. Beth Henry says:

    Great advice! The sound machines we own have battery back up. That is great for peace if mind. When the power is out the house is usually eerily quiet which makes it so hard to sleep.

    • Irene Gouge says:

      That’s a great point Beth! thank you for sharing that. That might be a good option to look for with little ones. And I agree, after having a sound machine for the last 6 years, it is eery when it’s quiet.

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