TwoDadsOneMic- Who are they and what do they have to say about parenting?

Just recently I had a chance to meet Joey Powell and Jake Fehling from Two Dads One Mic, at the All About Motherhood Expo where I hosted the dad’s panel.   This was a  a great opportunity for the panel to share some insights with moms for better communication, understanding, and perhaps some dad tips for moms to walk away with to be able to apply to their relationships for their marriage and in their parenting.

Let’s face it, when it comes to parenting- we think that moms are the ones researching, reading, and doing everything.  But we live in a time where things are changing.  And dad’s are getting more involved and they are doing some of the same things AND  they  are on board with parenting! 

And to be honest with you, this was  weird for me.   Weird and different because that certainly was not how I grew up.   When I first started my certification and training to become a Gentle Sleep Coach, one of the key points that Kim West shared was to have both parents at the consultation so we can get everyone on the same page.   When she said that I thought, “how am I going to get dad’s on board?  My dad would never do that. ”  Again, weird and different, not how I grew up, but such a crucial piece to this parenting journey.  One thing you have to know and understand is that I’m blessed to be married to a man that adores me and his boys.  He would do anything for us.  BUT I was stuck!   Stuck  in this old school mindset based on how I grew up.   I was the one reading, planning, and  doing and not getting my husband Keith on board and not communicating effectively.     Therefore after 3.5 years of sleep deprivation, frustrations, and a whole lot of not knowing what I didn’t know,  I realized there was something to being a united front and it wasn’t about “mom’s way” or “dad’s way.” It was about figuring out a way that worked for both of us, together!  

Here’s what I finally learned over the last four years after getting “unstuck,” being open to learning, growing, and changing, having dad’s present, involved, and key players in the process of sleep coaching:

Dad’s are:

  • Daring to do things that are different than maybe what their  dad did- or what dads are expected to do
  • Daring to connect with their child
  • Daring to change the diapers, do some feeds, and late night wake ups
  • Daring to have  tough conversations with their children
  • They are dedicated to their wives and children
  • Dedicated to themselves to do the best that they can.
  • DAD’s are Daring And Dedicated!

So who are Two Dads One Mic?  Learn a little bit more about them here in my interview for the Parent CIRCLE Network and  what they have to say about parenting.


A special THANK YOU to Jake, Joey, and Gary, (not in the hangout yet) for speaking at the All About Motherhood Expo!  Thank you for just being you and sharing your perspective to help me learn and grow even more in my journey as a wife, parent, and coach.   


A little more about Two Dads One Mic: 

Joey Powell operates the Me Fine Foundation, a local nonprofit focused on giving hope to children with critical illnesses and their families, being treated at local hospitals. Me Fine provides financial assistance, emotional support programs and other necessary resources to help buoy the typical burdens of life, so that the parents/caregivers can help support their child during such a critical time. 

Jake Fehling is a  lover of bitter hops, loud socks and UNC hoops. Caddy for @pcrawford, daddy of 3 lil’ lunatics. KFA Search, @twodadsonemic, @fehlingparents, @shirseys.