Sleep Deprived? #GetSleep

Are you a parent struggling to help your baby, toddler, or preschool child to sleep through the night? Are you tired and irritable, but not sure how to fix things?

Does your baby:

  • need to be held, fed, or rocked to sleep?
  • wake you more than 3 times a night?

Do you:

  • dread naptime and/or bedtime?
  • feel exhausted all of the time?

Is your exhaustion leading to:

  • confrontations with your spouse/partner?
  • lost productivity at work and lost joy at home?

I was once there too!   I suffered  over 3.5 years of sleep deprivation, but it does not have to be that way!

Join me live in person at the beautiful GreenPea Baby & Child at Waverly Place in Cary, North Carolina.


For the first 10 moms in attendance at the store, you will get a goody bag of things just for you and baby.


There will be some light refreshments for all of our guests there too!


Can’t make it to the store.  No problem!

Join me online in our live broadcast from GreenPea Baby.   Register here to get all the details.  And you can watch it at your convenience.


Join me along with some other tired parents to learn about the “7 habits for Sleep Filled Nights!”

Register now to be eligible for the All About Sleep Giveaway!


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