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You are a mom, a dad, a parent. Do you ever find yourself wondering:

  • How do I take care of myself?
  • How do I take time for me?

The bigger question might be:

  • WHY should I take care of myself?
  • WHY should I make time for me?

Chances are you’re a lot like me. Seven years ago as a new mom I wasn’t taking time for me and spent every waking moment focused completely on my baby.  Fast forward a few years and now I know first-hand that while the majority of my time had to be spent tending to my infant’s needs, it didn’t have to be ALL of it.  Moms, dads and parents MUST take care of themselves first so they can be and do their very best when it comes to taking care of baby.

While this may sound a little foreign and selfish at first, trust me…it’s not! But don’t just take my word for it. Try it out for yourself and see if after you spend some time nurturing your own mind, body and soul, you don’t have more of you to offer the rest of your family.

So go ahead: grab your favorite beverage, sit down, take a deep breath and relax. And while you’re at it, spend a few minutes tuning in to hear what Veronica from Soothing Space Massage has to say about WHY this one little habit of taking care of yourself might just change your parenting journey and the legacy you’ll leave for generations to come.


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What’s one way you can take care of yourself so you can be more present for your family as well?

About our guest…

Veronica McMullen is a mom, wife, teacher, and small business owner here in Raleigh. Her son will be four in the Fall, and massage is her second career, before that she played in stress management and human behavior. She was pregnant during massage school, and that experience combined with being a new mom and discovering that new role deeply influenced her massage practice.

She shares, “As Moms, we almost never make ourselves a priority. Doing it All and staying on top of everything leaves us feeling drained, and overwhelmed. We don’t have to feel that way!”

By offering a mix of different massage styles, from relaxation, pregnancy sessions, and Thai massage, Soothing Space Massage is tailored to create a stronger Mom-centered wellness community where local moms have the self-care opportunities and support they need to renew themselves, thereby continuing to have the energy, the patience, and the multi-tasking focus to keep being amazing!


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