The You Matter Monday Challenge Begins: Enjoy Your Beverage

Let’s kick start this You Matter Monday Challenge and take care of you by enjoying our favorite beverage for the day!

I know this sounds simple and you are like, “Irene- I already do this. Actually I do this all day long.”  But, bear with me and keep reading. For me, coffee gets me going. I know for others it could be pop, (soft drink depending on where you’re from), tea, water, or whatever you enjoy drinking. Before children I use to frequent local coffee shops often for their specialty drinks, but as a mom on a budget, that surely was the first thing to go. While this sounds like a simple tip you are already accomplishing, ask yourself, are you doing it intentionally?

When you decide to intentionally say yes, “I’m going to enjoy my favorite beverage”, you begin to enjoy the process of preparing the drink and putting the drink into your favorite glass or mug.   You look forward to this time and experience in your home.   You prepare it and drink it at your preferred temperature, for me it’s hot.   I love to sit down on my couch with two hands around the mug and look out the window. This 3-5 minute ritual of sipping my favorite beverage, breathing over it while crazy might be happening around me, and just zoning out gives me energy.   My timing of this ritual varies. Sometimes I get my boys off to school and then it’s me.   Sometimes I do it before breakfast and it’s just me downstairs by myself.  But regardless of my timing, I choose to do this everyday and make this a priority for me.

Yes, I have my cup or two of coffee each day.   I don’t always have whip cream or my favorite creamer in the house.   I do try to be intentional that I do have these items to help curb my need to feel like I need to go spend money outside my home at my favorite local coffee shop and that I can simply do this from the comfort of my kitchen.   It’s one little way I take care of me.

But everyday I breathe deeply while I’m enjoying my beverage, and say, ‘I’m going to make it a great day!” Setting the intention for a great day!

And I know what you might be thinking, “I’ve got little ones” or “I have multiple children”. My children are now nine and seven and in school. I also get having little ones and multiple around because I’ve had an in-home daycare where I took care of 10 children over the last 7 years from infant to preschool.   I get it, it’s hard to make time for you, to take care of you.   But I couldn’t have done this job for as long as I have if it wasn’t for taking the steps to take care of me. You could and would literally lose your mind if you didn’t.   Which is why I really am sharing what I did and I do. I practice what I preach, and I’m in the trenches right there with all the imperfect moms!

Now it is your turn, share with us in the comments below, what is your favorite beverage?

May you be the perfectly imperfect mom you were designed to be and enjoy your favorite beverage today!

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