You Matter Monday Challenge #3: Get Dressed

Being a mom is challenging enough without having to put extra thought into what clothes you’re going to wear from day to day. Your clothes express your mood and your attitude, and these days there are basically two types of “attitudes” you’ll find yourself wearing when it comes to your wardrobe: the yoga-pants-work-out-clothes attitude or the dressed-up-trendy one. Regardless of which clothes camp you find yourself in, it’s important to notice your behaviors and your reasons for choosing what it is you’re going to wear.

One of the things that I realized along my parenting journey is that I stopped getting dressed for the day. It seemed like too much work and too much effort, so I just… stopped. Looking back now I know my lack of interest was a result of my dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety, and it just seemed easier to linger in what I thought was the motherhood badge of courage: being frazzled and disheveled. This mindset led me straight into a self-care rut, which happens more often than not with new and even seasoned moms alike.

Personally I chose comfort over fashion since I was always getting down on the floor to play with my little ones. And of course my children didn’t care what I was wearing, so that just made it easier for me to not care too. Eventually though I realized I was feeling frumpy, and that feeling was definitely was affecting my mood as well as my spirit.  Finally I was ready to make a change. I wanted to feel better for myself, and I didn’t want to forget that I could — and should — look nice for my husband from time to time too.

Flip over to the other side of the “frumpy” coin and you’ll be in the “dressed-up-trendy moms” fashion camp. Generally this mindset stems from pressure to look “put together” all of the time, which can lead a different type of motherhood badge of courage altogether.

You Matter Monday tip: Get dressed for your day.

Regardless of which mood or ‘tude you find yourself in during this current season of motherhood, today I’m challenging you to Get Dressed. Find and put on the opposite of what you have been normally wearing, give yourself permission to dress up or dress down and get out there and feel your best!

I started putting this challenge to the test myself a few months ago. I went from a five year stint of wearing frumpy, stained t-shirts with yoga pants to dressing up once a week to now “getting dressed” two or three days a week. I’ve rediscovered new clothes in my closet, and I even feel like I’m taking care of myself now. As a matter of fact, I even have days where feel like I did before I was a mom! Being me and being true to myself has been a worthwhile and rewarding venture, and if I can do it I know you can too.

May you be the perfectly imperfect mom you were designed to be!!

Go ahead — get dressed for your day!

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