Daylight Saving Time–Are you ready?

Are You Ready for Daylight Savings?

Daylight Saving Time begins this year on Sunday March 13th. Have you thought about how to approach the time change with your child’s sleeping schedule? Usually an easier transition than the time change in the fall, springing forward an hour can cause some sleep disturbances in younger children. The good news is that Daylight Saving Time may correct some sleeping issues as well! Just think – if your baby rises at 6 am or earlier, you may now be able to enjoy them waking up a bit later! 


We want to help you prepare and plan for Daylight Saving Time  so that everyone in your family gets good sleep. Download the  helpful guide for FREE! 




Do you have sleep questions or concerns for your 6 year old or younger child? Feel free to set up a time on my calendar for us to talk. We can help you be the calm, confident and rested parent you want to be!    

Sweet dreams springing forward!