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Mom-Me Connections for new moms!

A baby is such a miracle…but yet quite a mystery. At least that’s how I felt when my son Connor was born eight years ago. I was elated and excited as all new moms, but I quickly became overwhelmed by all the newness and the unknown…and tired. I became really, really tired.   My biggest […]

Sleep Classes and Workshops!

It’s HERE- Loving Lessons Sleep Classes and Workshops are rolling out this FALL! You’ve had your baby and now you are doing life with a child!   Whether its’ one, two, or many children, your baby, toddler, or preschooler needs your time and attention and you need sleep to make it through the days!   Getting […]

Drowsy but awake- What’s the problem with too drowsy?

When it comes to sleep coaching your baby, toddler, or preschooler, often you will hear the term “drowsy but awake” at bedtime.  While parents may have some idea of what that term means, let’s break it down to avoid any possible confusion. Here’s what you need to know: In general and on average, it will […]