Are you a tired parent?

Does your baby or toddler:

♥ need to be held, fed, or rocked to sleep?

♥ wake you up more than 3 times a night?

Do you:

♥ dread naptime and/or bedtime?

♥ feel exhausted all the time?

Is your exhaustion leading to:

♥ confrontations with your spouse/partner?

♥ lost productivity at work and lost joy at home?

A Better Bedtime — Baby, Toddler, and Preschool Sleep Workshop

For babies and toddlers:   5 months- 6 years of age

$75 In-Person Workshop 

♥ Live Workshop- Holly Springs, NC
♥ Up to 2 adult attendees

$135 Sleep & Support Group Option

♥ In-Person Workshop- Holly Springs, NC 
♥ Weekly live Q & A
♥  1-year membership to the private Facebook Group

If you need help as a tired parent, you’re in the right place to


A Better Bedtime workshop is designed for babies that are 5 months of age up to preschoolers that are 6 years of age. You’ll learn the tips, tricks, secrets, and strategies you need to solve your BABY or TODDLER or PRESCHOOLER sleep problems AND get those gentle sleep and parent solutions to have everyone in the house enjoying sleep-filled nights!

Parent/s who participate in the A Better Bedtime Sleepers Workshop will be able to:

  • Establish 10-12 hour nights of independent crib sleep
  • Teach your baby or toddler or preschooler to fall asleep independently without leaving him/her to cry it out
  • Make an informed decision about the best sleep coaching method for your family
  • Create calm and relaxing sleep environments
  • Address night wakings
  • Wean night feedings
  • Set up a healthy, developmentally appropriate, flexible nap and daily routine
  • Improve naptime
  • Stay emotionally connected
  • Customize a sleep plan that fits best for your family
  • Handle Setbacks (teething, leaps/ growth spurts, travel, illness, etc…)
  • Get answers for your sleep questions
  • Leave with a sleep plan, resource handouts, action steps to implement a better bedtime in your home
  • Feel empowered to teach your child how to go to sleep and stay asleep with respect and build trust in your relationship

As this workshop is aimed at families with older infants and toddlers and preschoolers, we ask that you please arrange for childcare for your little one.

Next Workshop: December 7, 2019 from 9:30am-12pm

The Coworking Station

104 Ballentine Street, Holly Springs, NC

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