Fourth of July- Celebrating with your child

Fourth of July is an eventful and exciting time: picnics, cookouts, family and friends coming and going, fireworks and a lot of loud NOISES. With so many different activities happening, are you wondering how you’re going to help your child cope with all the excitement of the day?   The best and most important tip […]

Sleep training your baby: what babies might “really” be thinking!

How many times a day do you find yourself wondering what your baby might be thinking — especially when it comes to sleep training? I’m sure along with those all-consuming moments comes the overwhelming question of ways you can sleep train your baby, yes?   In those desperate and tiring hours when you just need […]

Daylight Saving Time- Spring Ahead with the time change March 8th!

Daylight Saving Time is usually a  parent’s least favorite time of the year! However,  it is just around the corner  and can work in your favor if your  baby, toddler, or preschool child is an early riser.   If they’re not, well unfortunately, it’s still time to make the clock spring forward! Daylight Saving Time […]

Self care- Being BOLD in the new year- #MomsMatter

I resolve to not have a new year’s resolution. I usually get lost and forget what I had resolved.   Instead, I’m picking one word, one word  that encompasses my life . One word to bring front and center for whatever life throws at me. This year’s word: BOLD!   Last year my word was brave. […]

Sleep through the night- Is it possible?

What’s the #1 question parents ask the sleep coach? How can I help my _________(insert your child’s stage: baby, infant, toddler, or preschooler) sleep through the night?   This is one of the most pressing questions I get as a sleep coach because parents really desire to know how to regain those sleep-filled nights. Newborns […]

Daylight Saving Time- Fall Back in 2014!

Summer has definitely transitioned into fall, as evidenced by the cool, crisp air; leaves changing colors; pumpkin spice EVERYTHING everywhere; and pumpkins lining the doors of most of the homes in the neighborhood.   Also with fall comes the transition of Daylight Saving Time.  November 2, 2014, marks the day we “fall back” and theoretically […]