Why is my child acting this way?

Well-known parent author and educator, Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, in her book, Sleepless in America, asks, “Is your child misbehaving or missing sleep?” Kurcinka says, “Behind every power struggle, every temper tantrum, every instance of misbehavior, there is a feeling and need—too often that need is sleep. It’s easy to miss the connection between the poor […]

Sleep with a lovey- The biggest mistake parents make when it comes to the lovey and how to overcome it

Whether you call it a lovey, doggy, blankie, or ducka, that’s what we call it at our house, a transitional object can be your child’s friend to help them with transitions and sleep. One of the biggest challenges I hear as a Gentle Sleep Coach is that my child won’t take a lovey.    The biggest […]