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TwoDadsOneMic- Who are they and what do they have to say about parenting?

Just recently I had a chance to meet Joey Powell and Jake Fehling from Two Dads One Mic, at the All About Motherhood Expo where I hosted the dad’s panel.   This was a  a great opportunity for the panel to share some insights with moms for better communication, understanding, and perhaps some dad tips for […]

Get Sleep Tip #3 – Understanding the Sleep Science during the first 5 years of life

This weeks sleep tip is about the sleep science that you should find in any sleep book that you read.   But I have to tell you that sometimes this basic knowledge is skimmed over and causes sleep troubles.  Understanding the sleep basics was a game changer for me.   I never really understood this and that’s […]

May is Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month! #MomsMatter- Part 4

Real Moms, Real Stories- Part 4 I’m so thankful for Laura and her heart, as she shares her story about her difficult pregnancy and  postpartum journey, a mom that lost her mind and lost her daughter. Her story is filled with sadness and  difficult challenges that bring hope and courage for other moms.    In our […]