Dear Friends and Family- 

The last few years have been filled with many blessings as I have reflected on where I’ve been to where I am today.   I am in awe and inspired by how God uses people and puts things in our paths to help us grow.   This year is no different.


Often times you may have heard me say, “In Belize” because my heart was forever changed on my first mission trip, I felt such a state of peace there, it was indescribable.  I can’t even imagine what life would be like had I not walked through the fears I had so that I could see what freedom looks like on the other side.  


What I’m finding to be more and more true everyday since my first trip is that I’m learning to have peace here too, and it’s not just in Belize.   I’m learning how to be more grateful and see the miracles of everyday and moment. I’m learning to understand the divine appointments God has for us and to just being present for them. Often times I find myself saying, “Well played God, well played,” as I see a small glimpse of the God’s plan here on Earth.


I also know that I’ve seen God use all the good, bad, and the ugly in my life for His glory.  He’s made my mess become my message and has taught me about grace, mercy, and forgiveness.   While it’s not always an easy journey, it’s been one worth taking.   And I would be honored to share more of it with you anytime.


Eustace who helped me understand marriage and Ephesians 5
Eustace who helped me understand marriage and Ephesians 5:21

So while my heart is still with the Belizean people that I’ve met that have impacted my life greatly, I realize that I’m called to serve women in need wherever that may be.   I’m excited to share that I am going on a mission trip to Costa Rica!
In my heart God has planted this desire to go on a short term mission again. While I tend to wrestle with Him thinking that I can win, I realize again how little control I have and that it is about God and not me.   Just go on a mission with continue to walk through the fear, no expectations, and just do His work, to show love and compassion to women, specifically moms to let them know how worthy they are of His great love.


The Costa Rica trip is April 9-16 and I’ll be there with a team of amazing and inspiring women to serve the women, children, and families in a small community. I will be there for 7 days working in an orphanage, ministering to women, preteens- teens at risk for prostitution, sewing, baking, sharing business skills, bringing meals to families in need, building, teaching, and serving in children’s ministries.   I know my trip will be full of joy, blessings, and I am sure lot of sweat and tears! 


While I am away, Keith will be here caring for Connor and Bailey.  As I know it will be so hard to be away from them for this long, I know this is what God has called me to do at in this season of life.
Each team member is raising money for supplies as well as paying our own way for the trip.  My goal is to raise $1800 that will help hundreds of people in Costa Rica living in poverty and also help spread the word of God in their community.  I’ve reached my goal! and I’m excited for this adventure and to see how God works through our group.     I’m about $1100 $700 away from my goal.


Packing up food for the families.
Packing up food for the families.

I would be so grateful for your support to reach my financial goal!  If you don’t feel you are able to give financially, I could definitely use your support in prayer as well.  I look forward to telling you all about my experiences and the blessings I was able to give and receive.


There were many friends and family that helped make my first trips a reality and I’m forever thankful. I have grown so much in my walk with God!  I never thought I could feel so empowered to spread His word but I am eagerly awaiting this next journey!!

sewing and babies
Holding babies, sewing, women’s ministry #womenonmission

With Lots of Love and Light,
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PS. To follow us and see what we are doing, check out the Praying Pelican Trip Journal.   Click on Costa Rica, Vine Effect April 9-16th.  You can also stop by and leave a comment there. 

PSS.   For a peak at #womenonmission check out this amazing video my dear friend Erica created.  You’ll see some of my awesome dance moves with the kiddos!   

Belize Woman’s Mission Trip 2015

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