Dear Friends and Family-

I am writing with exciting news about a journey I am going on again this spring!


How could I not after my world was so rocked after my first mission trip. This second time around seems like a no brainer. It’s not been a journey of fear like last year, thankfully there is nothing to fear because it is me putting my faith in action which is refreshing and freeing. I feel like my first trip revealed areas in my life that needed to be brought out of darkness, pruning and healing. All of which have been in the works since I’ve returned.  


Eustace who helped me understand marriage and Ephesians 5
Eustace who helped me understand marriage and Ephesians 5:21

And as many of you who know me and talk to me, you know that my life has become a “in Belize ______”because so many things were revealed to me. I’ve learned how to listen and be still something that is really challenging for me daily, but I have learned what His peace feels like and what joy is like daily. And it is hard, really hard to be in that place. But it’s something worth seeking when you experience it. It’s my prayer that everyone gets to experience the true joy and peace that we are meant to experience in our short time here on earth.


sewing and babies
Holding babies, sewing, women’s ministry #womenonmission

April 11-17, I am going on a mission trip with a team of amazing and inspiring women to serve the women, children, and families in a small community in Armenia in Belize, Central America.  I will be there for 7 days working in an orphanage, ministering to women, sewing, sharing business skills, bringing meals to families in need, building/ teaching/ learning about chicken coups and serving in children’s ministries.   My trip will be full of joy, blessings, and I am sure lot of sweat and tears! 


While I am away, Keith will be here caring for Connor and Bailey.  As I know it will be so hard to be away from them for this long, I know this is what God has called me to do at this time in my life.

kids ministry
Children ministry

Each team member is raising money for supplies as well as paying our own way for the trip.  My goal is to raise $1800 that will help hundreds of Belizeans living in poverty and also help spread the word of God in their community   I’m about $500 away from my goal.



I would be so grateful for your support to reach my financial goal!  If you don’t feel you are able to give financially, I could definitely use your support in prayer as well.  I look forward to telling you all about my experiences and the blessings I was able to give and receive.



There were many friends and family that helped make my first trip a reality and I’m forever thankful to them and I really needed them to know.   But one thing that I found was that I didn’t feel like I could really share it here on Facebook with everyone. You might ask, why?   I’m not sure, fear, insecurity, vulnerability, doubt, perfection; all of the things that cause us to not be real with other.  So here is to doing it scared.  

By the river
Building relationships down by the river


Here is my disclaimer:

I like things to be just so, just right, almost perfect. And when they are not, I just want to crawl under a rock and hide… so sometimes I do just that.   But one of my biggest takeaways from my trip to Belize was that we live in a broken world with broken people. And sometimes we don’t have realistic expectations for others, let alone ourselves.  So today I am officially going to get this letter to you, even though I know it’s not 100% of when it should have arrived, how it should have been written, or proofed.     I hope that you can understand that sometimes we are asked to do something, and we don’t.   We don’t do it because we afraid of the criticism, shame, or guilt we feel.   Sometimes we don’t do it because it would just be easier to forget about it and let it go.   But this letter was written before I headed to Belize, but I became a little overwhelmed that last week before I left and this was one of the items that I let go.   But while in Belize and still to this day, I continue to hear the voice that says, “say Thank You! Say thank you for all the blessings and tell them what you learned.   So here it is!


Sorry it’s so long, but the short of it all is that I learned A LOT, and I keep learning more. For the quick lessons go down to the dotted line on the second to last page.

If you are into the long-winded journey here is my first letter before Belize. This is my second letter.


I have grown so much in my walk with God!  I never thought I could feel so empowered to spread His word but I am eagerly awaiting my journey!!


With Lots of Love and Light,
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Checks may be written to: Hope for Belize

Message me and I will send you my address.

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