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Have you ever wondered, “why won’t my child sleep?”

You are not alone.

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Why won’t your child sleep? 

Well, sleep is a learned skill.   Sometimes we don’t realize that our babies, toddlers, and preschoolers are not wired knowing “how to sleep.”

You can teach your child how to sleep without leaving your child to cry it out alone. 

I’ve helped hundreds of families get the sleep they need just by learning some of the sleep basics.  Learn the mistakes parents make in this FREE 24 minute webinar so you can take action.

  Does your baby need to be held, fed, or rocked to sleep? 

      • Does your baby wake you more than 3 times a night?
      • Do you dread nap time and/or bedtime?
      • Do you feel exhausted all of the time?
      • Do you feel like you don’t have much quality time with your child because you are always trying to get him/ her to sleep?
      • Is your exhaustion leading to confrontations between your spouse/partner and you?
      • Do you feel like you’ve tried to let your child cry it out and all the other possibilities and it’s just not working?
why won't my child sleep

Turn your WON’T SLEEP to a WILL SLEEP!