Rest In the Nest Part 1

This virtual class and live Q&A will be released the first week of April. 

Don’t rely on all the expensive tools marketed at parents. Instead, learn about healthy sleep habits from an expert and leave with a plan in mind to keep your family sane in the first few sleep deprived weeks!

Irene Gouge of Loving Lessons Sleep Consulting will cover healthy sleep habits, the importance of creating a secure attachment, and misconceptions about sleep. The goal of this class is to meet parents where they are in their parenting journey and help lay a healthy sleep foundation for their child so that they may grow into great sleepers!

This class will cover the following topics:


  • Tools for taking care of you and baby

  • Cultivate a relationship with your child that fosters love, trust, respect and a secure attachment

  • Learn common trends of newborns who sleep well

  • How to set up a restful sleep environment

  • Create a bedtime routine

  • Debunking feeding and sleeping myths

  • Become equipped with calming strategies and comfort measures for fussy baby

  • Read your babies cues to be responsive and supportive

  • Create flexible routines

  • Practical and helpful tips for day to day life with your newborn

  • Choosing products for your child’s sleep needs

You’ll leave with confidence in making informed sleep decisions for your family!

Geared for: Expectant parents, parents and caregivers preparing the nest through 4 months of age.

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Rest in the Nest Part 2- Sleep for babies 5 months and up

Class details and dates coming soon



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