Parenting Potluck Party

Loving Lessons is more than just about sleep! Loving Lessons is about living a full life, enhancing relationships and enjoying peaceful days that lead into sleep-filled nights.


Recently I discovered two new fun and engaging ways to combine all of Loving Lessons’ services, and they are Parenting Potluck Parties. Each of these are a personal yet laid back way spend time with The Gentle Sleep Coach Irene, get answers to those seemingly elusive sleep questions and parenting frustrations, and share the joys as well as the crazy moments of being a mom! And most importantly you’ll walk away with tips, tricks, hacks and strategies you can implement immediately and as often as necessary.


A Parenting Potluck is a practical alternative to the more expensive options for a Ladies Night Out. And, since the night is all about you and your friends, your party can be as structured or as casual as you would like.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]And if you’ve been longing for the freedom, crazy fun, laughter and conversation you enjoyed at slumber parties from days gone by, well here’s your chance to relive those memories! Slumber parties can and should be celebrated by girls of every age and stage.[/text_block]
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Let’s talk about your Potluck Party!

Set up a time here on my calendar to discuss your upcoming Parenting Potluck or email me.



[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”24″ font_font=”The%20Girl%20Next%20Door”]Here are just few areas Irene is an expert in helping parents maneuver through that can be discussed at the Parenting Potluck:[/text_block]
  • Sleep challenges for infants, toddlers or preschoolers
  • Best sleep practices for children of all ages and busting their confusing myths
  • Getting kids to bed and staying in bed through the night
  • How to respond to your child from a place of love and respect
  • Minimizing the tantrums & whining
  • Get your child to listen and cooperate with you
  • Support for transitioning to life with baby or multiple children
  • Elimination of power struggles
  • Fussy, colicky, reflux or high need baby suggestions/ interventions
  • Nursing or bottle-feeding support
  • Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, angry and not good enough
  • Balancing family life and work
  • Transitioning to stay at home or back to work
  • Child development ages and stages
  • Travel suggestions
  • Taking care of you plans
  • Unique family situations
  • Support for a child with special needs
  • and more…
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”24″ font_font=”The%20Girl%20Next%20Door”]You can expect casual, non-judgmental conversations about sleep and parent issues to keep the night informative and stress free, with the focus on coming from a place of love and respect for all of our choices.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Here’s how the Parenting Potluck Works:

Parenting Potlucks (potluck can be optional) can be held in your home, church, business during your organized moms group meeting in the afternoon or evening and run for about 1-1.5 hours. Parenting Potluck is a donation-based event and 100% of the funds will go to a local non-profit organization!  [/text_block]


Invite moms in your season of life to dish out their children’s sleep or parenting sagas over a potluck dinner or slumber party at your home. Parties can have a minimum of five or a maximum of twelve people including the host.


Guests can  bring a potluck dish (if you desire)  and their sleep and/or parenting sagas.   Have a fun moms night/afternoon out, get your sleep and parent worries off your chest, and get expert advice.

fade-leftfade-rightHostess Tips

  • Make a list of friends, family, neighbors and co-workers who want and deserve to have some grown up time together. Decide if you want to make it just late night or a full out all-nighter!
  • Choose your favorite card design via Evite and have the title read “Parenting Potluck.” or whatever kind of time you decide. Send the invitation to all those unsuspecting ladies on your list. At first they may be a little leery of the idea, but keep talking it up. Soon the excitement will be so high you’ll have to schedules parties every week!
  • Encourage your guests to bring something for the party: a dessert, part of the meal, drinks, chocolates, nail polish, massagers, movies, snacks, wine, favorite beverage, etc..
  • PJ’s and yoga pants are encouraged.
  • Have a Best PJs Contest and find a little prize to give away — something that says thank you within your budget
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Let’s talk about your Potluck Party!

Set up a time here on my calendar to discuss your upcoming Parenting Potluck or email me.


Let’s get the parties started!!!



Parenting Potlucks  are great ways to regain your childlike wonder, connect with other parents struggling with the same issues, make new friends and most importantly just leave the world at home for a few hours.



HOSTESS BONUS: If at the end of the evening, you as the hostess choose to book a sleep program, you’ll receive 10% off any programs or services or a phone follow up session. If any guests decide to book a package, you receive a further 5% off per guest or additional phone follow ups.*

GUEST BONUS: If at the end of the evening any of your guests book a sleep program, she will get 5% off the usual fee. If any of your guests book a Parenting Potluck party of their own, they can be eligible for a further 10% discount off their sleep program plus a return on any other parties booked from their get-together.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Remember: All  proceeds go to a local non-profit organization! 


*Phone follow ups are only available to those who are already a part of the Loving Lessons Community and have been a part of a one on one session or workshop.[/text_block]

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Trying to figure out if this is a good option for you?

Set up a time here on my calendar to discuss your upcoming Parenting Potluck or email me.